The US-based software giant Microsoft has just released a fresh opt-in beta program for its e-mail service This is supposed to expose users to a more personalised and faster eMail experience. It has been quite some time, since one heard about Considering that fact, it is indeed appreciative that Microsoft is investing all the time and the effort on one of the most popular web-based email services till date.

According to reports, is also going to get a revamped appearance as well, as a part of the beta program inclusion. In order to reach out to its vast user base, Microsoft has planned to roll out a new toggle to choose the beta over the next few weeks to all the Outlook users. People, who want to stick to the old version can easily stick to the existing one and will still be able to use the Outlook smoothly.

As it seems, the strategy is to test the new features in the Beta and then incorporate the user-friendly features to the standard version of to facilitate greater user convenience. In this context, it is important to mention that, experts opine the new features will also be a part of the regular version of in course of time.

Interestingly, Microsoft is quite secretive about the development framework it is using on the Outlook Beta project. However, the software giant has claimed in a statement, issued previously, the framework is more responsive and helpful in delivering a cutting-edge design. After making considerable effort, our correspondent found out, the majority of industry experts believe Microsoft is using Facebook’s ReactJS framework for the purpose.

Image credit: MY BROADBAND

The new version will have a more refined search experience along with refreshed conversation views. Moreover, it will also offer higher personalisation options and extensive usage of GIF files and emojis inside the eMails. In addition to the ones mentioned above, the Outlook beta will include a new feature called Quick Suggestions to help users with information on nearby restaurants, flight details and specific sports information.

Considering all these, the Microsoft Outlook beta is expected to redefine user experience in ways more than one.