Previously in 2009 and 2010, many rumours have informed that Microsoft was working on a folding tablet called Courier. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of the day. But presently, Microsoft declared that it is on the way of developing another device that is identical at-least in concept, to the cancelled Courier.  It is codenamed Andromeda and will be a folding tablet that will run Windows 10 on the ARM.

The Andromeda device is prototype hardware. It is a foldable tablet that runs Windows 10 built with Windows Core OS, along with CShell to take advantage of its foldable display.  Well, imagine CShell plays an important part in the foldable aspect of this device. Considering it’s foldable, being a tablet doesn’t mean much, and it is designed to be pocketable when folded, like a phone.

In comparison to a phone, the device has telephony capabilities. That means you can replace your actual smartphone with it and still be able to take calls and texts. The information makes it clear. However, that this is not supposed to be a smartphone replacement but rather a device similar to the cancelled “Microsoft Courier”.  In short, Andromeda is a digital pocket notebook.

It is likely that Andromeda will run on ARM, meaning it will ship with the latest Snapdragon processor that’s current at the time of its release. It is not verified if the device will be able to run Win32 programs, so that will have to remain a mystery for now. It will be able to run true-UWP apps, of course.

Microsoft isn’t building this device for an average consumer. If it ever comes to the market, and that’s a big if, it is not going to be an iPhone or Android competitor because as Microsoft has publicly claimed in the past, it’s just too late for that. Instead, Microsoft is going to try and carve out a new market for people who need or want a device like this.

It could be Surface-branded when (or if) it launches, something like Surface Note or Surface Journal. Microsoft’s hardware partners might choose to create similar devices if it takes off, but this is just speculation for now. Unfortunately, no specs have leaked for Andromeda yet, so we don’t even know if it will have one folding screen or two separate displays separated by a hinge.