The news is in the air. This time it’s again the Microsoft. Recently it has revealed about his popular Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android, which has developed a more inventive search feature, after a makeover, in addition to the changes to navigation and conversations. This change has largely occurred, owing to the Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft’s technology i.e. the Microsoft Graph, which was till date used to make the productivity applications discerning, is now opted to change the Outlook’s search features into a tool, which is a lot more than surfacing emails only. Now it will supplement contacts, attachments, flight and travel itineraries, package deliveries and a lot more.

Some more on Outlook Search:

The recent observation by Microsoft states that search is actually becoming an integral function in this new version of Outlook. To add to it, if you tap into search, the result won’t be a black screen but will produce an enthusiastic suggestion of all your prime contacts and recent files, as well as all the recent occurring of ‘today’, for instance, the travel plans and all these, even before you kick off your search.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

With this, when you start typing, the autocomplete suggestions will display names from your regularly contacted recipients first.

But, now comes the sad part of the story. Even being a part of the larger Outlook makeover, this smart search upgrade, is still not available. Microsoft, who still haven’t tentatively declared a launch date, has rather stated that this update will ‘soon’ be available to the mobile users.

The changes which have occurred:

In spite of this declaration, certain changes have already been initiated. For instance, right now there is a clear demarcation between individual emails, which is a plus, as it makes it easier to resolve the group conversations and get caught up. With this, Outlook would naturally open up to conversations to the messages which are unread, first and then saved before scrolling down.

microsoft image 2
 Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Again, instead of tapping an arrow to reply to the group, there’s an icon named Quick Reply box at the bottom, into which you can type your message and then click on the ‘Send’ option when done. This is the easiest way to view the previous emails on the screen while typing the response, which is quite a help.

Other things like Forwarding emails or editing the recipients’ list can also occur but these functions are tucked away in the updated interface.

Outlook’s navigation has definitely changed for better, with the aim of making the process of switching between multiple accounts in a more simpler way and browse their associated folders. Now this involves, shifting the account list further and using round icons to represent the various services of the different email accounts.

microsoft graph 3
Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Now, this could be tricky, especially for those with multiple accounts from the same email provider. But the utility over here remains that as soon as you tap on the account you want, the folder structure pops up in the navigation, along with the other key folders like Inbox, Drafts, and Groups.

These changes have started occurring for the iOS users with and Gmail accounts, while Android users have to wait for this for a couple of months, as per Microsoft.