Motorola is the latest name to enter the users’ budget-phone-buying pleasure. So, this time, the Lenovo owned brand is launching not one, but four new handsets.

The new handsets were launched at an event in São Paulo, Brazil. In fact, the Moto E5 handsets are the flashiest of the bunch. Right now, the prices of the handsets have not been fixed yet, but they would probably warrant a higher premium than the other new devices. The difference in build quality is a bit distinct and includes a shiny Gorilla Glass 3 backing in blue, black or gray.


Further, the phone comes in two sizes, namely, the 5.2-inch for the E5 Play and 6-inch on the more premium E5 Plus. But the latter would be only available here in the U.S., bringing with it a beefy 5,000mAh battery and a pair of rear-facing cameras in a circular formation quite similar to Moto Z.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Even if the camera quality is not so praiseworthy, but Motorola continues to bring impressive features to its budget devices. However, no price has been announced for either version of the E5.

However, prices for the Moto G6 and G6 Play have been listed as $249 and $199, respectively. The phones are still pretty chunky, though Motorola has adopted a few premium features here, including, notably, a move toward the 18:9 aspect ratio for their 5.7-inch displays. The G6, naturally, has the leg up here, at 1080p to the Play’s 780p.


In addition, the dual camera configuration allows for some neat tricks, like the better faux bokeh in portrait mode and the ability to create combination black and white and color images. Motorola has in fact invested in a bunch of first-party camera software, including a small selection of built-in AR overlays and some Google Lens-like tricks, including the ability to scan text.

The Play actually boasts of the larger battery of the two, at 4,000mAh to the G6’s 3,000. Both versions also support Fast Charging, though the G6 does it through USB-C, while the Play is still holding onto micro USB for dear life. In fact, all of the above also still have their headphone jacks intact. Motorola was initially, one of the first companies to drop it on its premium Z line, but the company is smartly keeping the port around on its budget devices.