The Madhya Pradesh police cyber cell has busted an international gang which sold information on bank, account, debit and credit cards on the dark web for just ₹500. Two members of the gang were arrested in Mumbai.

Information on debit and credit cards held by a number of Indians, including details of bank accounts linked to the cards, is listed for sale on the dark side of the web or ‘deep web’, the cyber cell of Madhya Pradesh police informed.

A detective of the force had gone into an investigative project where he acted as a customer to buy card details of an Indore-based woman. The payment was done in bitcoin that is one of the most famous crypto-currencies on the web.

The police have found the account and card details, including the phone number, CVV, email ID, on sale for as little as ₹500. The transaction trail led the police to two members of the gang from Mumbai. The card was apparently used by the duo to buy flight tickets for one of them that is Rajkumar Palli. Pillai has been arrested along with is the partner in crime Ramprasad Nadar.

The gang has used international websites to exploit the card details as OTP was not needed. The case trail led the police to an international gang, led by a Pakistan national operating from Lahore.