Good news for all the Netflix lovers. Now, they would no longer need their phones or TV to watch Netflix’s more vibrant HDR video selection. The streaming honcho has added a support for playing HDR on Windows 10, both in the native Netflix app as well as in the Edge browser. But the technical set back states that the hardware requirements might be of an HDR10-compatible display.

Here, Netflix has already added that the users might need one of  Intel’s 7th-generation or later Core processors and would have to use either the integrated graphics or a recent NVIDIA graphics card like the GTX 1050 or higher. For now, at least, anyone in the AMD camp is out of luck. The service added that this is the result of years-long partnerships, although AMD’s Vega graphics are technically capable of the 10 bits per channel color users need for HDR.

However, the limited hardware options aren’t entirely shocking. HDR is already well-established in the living room, but it’s still not much of an option in the PC space with not just a few devices, but also few apps that can actually display it. So, in lieu of that Netflix’s Windows 10 release is a big help as it might spur PC makers and software developers to add HDR support knowing that more people might use it.