Apple has recently made the latest development, which now includes a mandate for all apps listed on the App Store to provide a link to its privacy policy in its meta-data. This announcement was made by the Cupertino giant via Apple Store Connect to all its developers. The company, in fact, added that all existing apps which do not have a privacy policy URL in place must also include this link in their next update. New apps would now have to include the link as a mandate.

Earlier, Apple had made it a rule to include a privacy policy URL for apps that had subscriptions, but now it is being made compulsory for all apps. This change would come into effect from October 3. Apple, in fact, is not pulling apps from the Store that don’t have the privacy policy link in place but is making it a mandate for them to include that info in the next update.


However, this doesn’t change much for subscription-based apps, apps that don’t have much utility, and are able to run offline as well, however, would now need to make a page with privacy policies listed, just for App Store. This, however, appears on the onset of an increasing number of reports regarding backdoor data collection without the knowledge of the users by apps and services. Apple, known for its tough security policies, is ensuring that all loopholes are sealed off to prevent unethical practices.

However, this move could also be a result of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that has come into effect since May this year. Apple, in fact, has introduced new tools to allow consumers to control how their data are used and deactivate their Apple ID accounts, in a bid to bring its services into line with the tough new EU data protection law.


According to latest reports by 9to5Mac, the privacy policy link would again open in Safari for iPhone and iPad users. Again, for tvOS users, Apple is making a text box available to developers for copy-pasting their privacy policy. However, since the tvOS doesn’t have a browser, it would display the text box on users’ TV screen.