Neymar Jnr may be one of the brightest talents in football. But he has become the cause of jokes following his ridiculous antics at the World Cup

Brazil forward was tipped for big things in Russia this summer but unsuccessful to shine as his side crashed out of the quarter-finals to Belgium. Not only that, but his penchant for feigning injury caused significant damage to his reputation.

Time and again, Neymar attempted to get an opposing player in trouble by making the most out of innocuous challenges. He would yelp in pain only to miraculously rise to his feet minutes or even seconds later.

Plenty of people caught Neymar up to his old tricks throughout the tournament. Along with his rolling, diving and general on-the-floor antics annoying a number of people.

What is Neymar Challenge?

And now, it seems the polarising star has become the butt of a new viral sensation taking the internet by storm. Although his time in Russia had ended. But his impact on the tournament endures and the ‘Neymar Challenge’ has become an Internet hit.

The aim of the game is to initiate the footballer’s antics in the most public place possible, and there have already been thousands of efforts posted to social media.

The trend essentially sees people drop to the floor and tumble around in dramatic fashion as soon as someone either shouts the word ‘Neymar’. Even, they brush past someone with minimal contact – mimicking the Brazilian at the World Cup.

Loads of people are having a go at it, so we thought we’d round up some of the best efforts. Here they are:

The football lovers, extravagant reactions to tackles during this year’s tournament quickly made him a meme. But now fans are getting involved in the theatrics themselves.

The challenge is pretty self-explanatory, do your best impression of a rolling, writhing Neymar. The most elaborate efforts came from football summer camps with children learning how to play football the Neymar way during their training sessions.