Nokia is in the news again, but this time with a completely different objective. No, this story is not about any new offer or phone launched by the company. Rather, it speaks of a very innovative initiative by Nokia, greatly benefiting the citizens. Nokia is joining hands with the NGO ‘Save The Children’ to initiate a mobile and desktop based platform, aiming at digitizing welfare schemes and enabling residents of the disaster prone areas to apply for the various entitlements.

So, now the inhabitants of the five so-called disaster-prone states can easily acquire all the government and private welfare schemes found at hand and to which they are eligible.

More on the app:

This app is a part of the agenda on building strength among communities and children across five disaster prone states- Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, which would enable any person to know about their eligibility for various government and private sector schemes through a simple one-time screening process. This initiative also aims at strengthening the access to social protection schemes with the use of technology in 350 most helpless villages and slums.

Haqdarshak, or this social protection app, was launched on 31st August 2017, at the district magistrate’s office in South-East Delhi. Initially, this aims to connect 50 communities in slums across South-East Delhi with various government schemes.

Regarding this app, B.S. Jaglan, district magistrate, South-East Delhi, regarded that, “We hope that the initiative will enable the most vulnerable in Delhi to access social schemes more easily”.

Main purpose of this app:

The app has been created by Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Limited for a pilot project in Delhi. The app digitizes database of welfare schemes in a particular state. This works as an incentive-based model, with a recruitment of 1 Haqdarshak (who shows the correct path for one’s rights) to cater to around 1,000 households. Also, there are survey questions within the technology application, necessary for screening an individual. The software applies the rules set to tell about the eligibility of an individual to several schemes. The application has a checklist for documents, needed to apply a particular scheme.

Here, Thomas Chandy, CEO, Save the Children India regarded that, “The long-term aim of this initiative is to ‘facilitate’ access to the schemes to the most vulnerable individuals and families, along with creating sensitivity among stakeholders, around the child-centered schemes and services as a part of our work on building resilience of communities by using technological solution.”

Also, there will be a helpline for the customers.

Lastly, Amit Marwah, head-India marketing and corporate affairs and member CSR working committee at Nokia, regarded that “The technology should also be used for creating and strengthening structures to make cities resilient”.