Payment is now enabled with chatting. To be precise, Google has integrated a new chat option in the Google Tez application and is slowly rolling this out to 13.5 million of its active users, taking the competition directly to WhatsApp, that has already integrated its payment product in India.

This payment application which runs on the Unified Payments Interface as the basics, would now enable consumers to not only send money to each other but also open up an option for conversation while the transaction is on.

But, right now, not all the users have yet got their hands on the chat option since the company is slowly rolling out the product. However, a Google spokesperson confirmed the news by adding to it that, “We’ve added a feature to Tez that allows you to send simple messages back and forth to your contacts about the payments you make”.

Revealing certain details, however, the company also added that the ultimate aim of Tez is to make transactions as simple as sending messages, which might aid consumers to avoid complicated bank account numbers and wait for them to be added as beneficiaries.

In that broader scheme of things, this chat option would eventually help consumers track their transaction history like a conversation and achieve improvement on the customer experience.

Initially, this move from payments to chat had been initially started the country’s largest payments platform Paytm which introduced Paytm Inbox in November. The main aim behind this was to bring in the ease of a conversation between the merchants and the consumers besides facilitating payments.