Good news for all the public commuters out there, using Google Maps. Apart from giving directions and live traffic updates, Google has facilitated its Maps with another very useful feature. Now, the Google Maps users will be soon able to book their Ola Outstation Cabs through this app.

Homegrown Cab honcho Ola has confirmed this collaboration with Google Maps to allow long distance passengers to discover and book Ola’s Outstation category of inter-city cabs on Google Maps,  using the ride option that shows up directly within the ‘Transit’ mode of the Maps app.

This is a unique and the first of its kind collaboration in India, ensuring bookings from 23 cities to over 215 one-way routes in the country. Also, it is speculated that in the coming weeks, this integration will be further expanded to a total of 500 routes, covering cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and several others.


How does this new app works?

To start with, open Google Maps and search for the destination. The app will show you to reach your place from your current location using a bus, train and of course, the new Ola Cabs option.

Then, it is necessary to install the Ola app and then tap on the Ola ride option, enlisted in the public transport mode to book a cab.


 Image Credit: Guiding Tech


The transit is just ideal for the long distance commuters, providing them intricacies like estimated trip duration, trip cost, the availability of Ola drivers on that route, including the arrival and departure from your destination.

Undoubtedly, this feature is useful but would have been more effective users could have directly booked a cab from Google Maps, the way conglomeration occurred between Google and Uber in the US.

Google Maps has also been planning for installing other salient features like book reservations at the destination restaurant, as well as search other relevant information such as takeaways and other utilities of that local area.

Lastly, regarding the partnership, Vijay Ghadge, VP of operations at Ola regarded that, “Google and Ola, have been joining forces time and again with a strategic goal in mind – enhancing customer experience, and catering to a wide number of use cases…Be it first-timers or frequent business travelers, we are certain that this integration will add value for all use cases. Ola Outstation has gained significant prominence in the past year since its launch, this association takes us a step further in making the category as reliable and convenient as an intra-city commute. We will continue to work with Google and combine synergies on several more fronts to provide the best service to our customers”.