OnePlus is back again with its second flagship of the year, i.e. the OnePlus 5T. As the buyers have already encountered the OnePlus 5, now the question remains that how much of an upgrade is the OnePlus 5T on the OnePlus 5? Rather, which one would score better in the long run?

So, for this, here comes a detailed comparative discussion of both the phones, so that the users might take a deep dive into exactly what’s different and what’s the same.

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5 – Design:

Not much of a difference has been noted in the design as both the phones display a full metal body. But certain slight differences have been noted in the weight and dimensions.

For instance, the OnePlus 5 is weighed 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3mm and 153g, while the OnePlus 5T is 156.1 x 75 x 7.3mm and 162g. This makes the 5T slightly longer, wider and heavier than the OnePlus 5, but no thicker. Also, it is available only in Black, while the OnePlus 5 is available in both Black and Grey.

One Plus 5T design

The biggest visual change for the OnePlus 5T is definitely the position of the fingerprint scanner, which has been moved to the back. For doing this the company has also removed the home button which was placed on the screen on the OnePlus 5.

However, OnePlus has also added facial recognition to the front, so now users can unlock the phone with their face, which is again a bit similar to the Face ID feature of the iPhone X. It sounds less advanced here, for example, it doesn’t work in the dark, but it could still be a major addition. Some things have stayed the same though like the OnePlus has left the 3.5mm headphone jack intact for the OnePlus 5T.

 OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5- Display:

The screen of the OnePlus 5T has been given much emphasis clearly. For one thing, it has grown to 6 inches, from 5.5 inches on the OnePlus 5.

With this, it has also a resolution boost, coming in at 1080 x 2160 on the OnePlus 5T, while it’s 1080 x 1920 on the OnePlus 5, though the pixel density is 401 pixels per inch on both.

Both the phones have also used an AMOLED screen, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X, and again speaking of those phones, the OnePlus 5T has a super widescreen 18:9 aspect ratio similar to them, while the OnePlus 5 has a more conventional 16:9 one.


OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5 – OS and Power:

Both the phones boast of having a high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset and either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. With this, they also spoil the users with choices between 64GB or 128GB of storage, run on Android Nougat and will be getting updated to Android Oreo.

OS and power

Of course, there are some differences in their software though. The lack of a home button on the OnePlus 5T depicts that all the navigation is handled onscreen with gesture controls. Here, OnePlus has added some new features, such as the ability to clone apps, so users might log in to the likes of Facebook, Skype and Dropbox with more than one account at once.

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5 – Camera and Battery:

OnePlus has slightly upgraded the main camera for the OnePlus 5T. This states of a dual-lens 16MP and 20MP pairing, just like on the OnePlus 5, but while on the OnePlus 5 the 20MP sensor has a f/2.6 aperture, on the OnePlus 5T states of both lenses which are f/1.7, and should improve its low light performance.

There are also some improvements to the camera app for the OnePlus 5T. For example, users can now use the fingerprint scanner to take pictures and navigate the app with gesture controls, which also makes the one-handed operation easier.

Many of the features have remained the same though, with both phones featuring a Portrait Mode for bokeh effects and a Pro Mode if the users are asking for more control. Of course, there’s no change to the battery, as both phones have a 3,300mAh one and support fast charging but not wireless charging.

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5 – Price:

OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 5T in India at the exact same price as the OnePlus 5, just months after launching the latter. Both the devices came with a launch price of ₹32,999 for the 6GB variant. But now that the successor is here, the OnePlus 5 is expected to get a price cut soon.

Overall Scenario:

At a single glance, the OnePlus 5T has definitely emerged with a list of improvements, having widescreen and smaller bezels. Even the display is bigger with a higher resolution, the face scanner might not be much of a significant upgrade, depending on how it works.

So, for the majority of the users, it probably won’t be worth upgrading from a OnePlus 5, but again, in the end, the users are the ultimate decision makers.