Patanjali’s Kimbho app face troubled times again. Recently, Ayurved’s messaging app ‘Kimbho’ was recently pulled down from Google Play Store, just a day after its beta trial version was introduced on the platform.

However, the Ramdev-led firm complained that this was basically a conspiracy by a multinational company against a Swadeshi firm and even added that they would be back soon.

A recent tweet by Patanjali Ayurved spokesperson SK Tijarawala added that “#Patanjali #kimbho App has fallen victim of a conspiracy of foreign companies #MNCs. We regret the inconveniences. It will be back soon”.


On asking further, Tijarawala added that the trial version of the ‘Kimbho’ app was removed by Google without citing any reason, stating that, “We are communicating with them asking the reason why it was removed from the Play Store”. In fact, e-mails sent to Google also did not elicit any response.

The Haridwar-based firm had put Kimbho’s trial version on Google Play Store for downloads, almost two months after it was taken down hastily. It had also added previously that the app would be launched officially on August 27 after fixing all the shortcomings.

On May 31 this year, Patanjali had removed Kimbho, which means ‘how are you’ or ‘what’s up’ in Sanskrit, from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store just a day after launch, saying it was released only for a one-day trial. At that time, several technical experts had already pointed out security flaws in the app.


Basically, Patanjali is pitching ‘Kimbho’ as a competitor to Facebook-owned Whatsapp. Patanjali, known for its range of FMCG products, claimed that Kimbho had already witnessed around 1.5 lakh downloads in the first three hours of its launch.