The trending news from the technological genre is the inception of Orwl- a new kind of PC that takes a die trying an approach to physical device and data security.

Orwl is a palm-sized computer focusing on the security issues from the ground up. The striking feature of this palm-sized PC remains that it comes with several layers to put a stop even to the most enthusiastic hackers, gaining access to a user’s valuable data.

All that the user needs is a password and a corresponding wireless keyfob, just to turn on the puck like PC and it puts the processor to rest. Then the USB and HDMI ports shut off whenever the key-fob moves out of range, stopping anyone from prying in.In addition to this, it is a damage proof device that will erase any data on the encrypted solid state hard disk as a last resort to save the data.

Orwl scores high with some promising features which certain security or privacy-focused devices seemed to be lacking in.

For instance, it is made up of an in-built mesh to protect the secure controller, and a motion sensor and pressure-switch to add to the device’s physical security.

It is made with secure boot technology and firmware updating, and a motion-sensor to prevent shock-based data loss.

The good part of the story is that the device uses open-source hardware and software, so the user would know what is happening internally.

Also, the PC has a temperature monitoring and side-channel attack protection but it doesn’t clarify exactly how.

Now a quick glance of the salient features:

Operating system: Qubes OS/Ubuntu/Windows

  • Intel HD Graphics 515 300/1000MHz
  • Up to 8GB RAM (1,600MHz)
  • Up to 480GB self-encrypted Intel solid-state drive
  • 802.11 n/AC wireless (up to 800 Mbps)
  • Dual mode Bluetooth 2.1, BTLE4.2
  • One HDMI 4k video output
  • Two USB-C outputs

In spite of the makers of Orwl having clearly thought about all the possible methods of attacks, they cannot fully swear on the authenticity of the device being “hack-proof” or unaffected to all “known ransomware.”

However, on a good note, Orwl is expecting to start shipping in mid-to-late August at price $1,699.