Philips SmartSleep

Philips just launch a new headband that plays with white noise which will help your brain get to sleep. However, Philips ‘headband looks like an ill-formed diaper. Its weird design attaches built-in sensors to your forehead in order to detect brain activity. Then it shares that data with a connected mobile app.

When deep sleep is detected, the headband’s speakers will start playing white noise in a slowly repeating pattern, which Philips claims will reinforce a good night’s sleep.

Although, the Philips headband doesn’t appear to be comfortable nor reliable. The effect of noise on deep sleep has suggested that it might help older achieve better sleep and stronger memory. But since those studies are in really small groups, the findings may not hold up.

The SmartSleep headband does sound like it’s bordering snake oil. According to the information, previously on this year, it was found that soothing sounds do help to foster and maintain deep sleep in adults, which in experiments served to improve cognitive and memory capabilities.

Philips SmartSleep

The users have to stick the sensors behind their ears every night and strap on the headband. It is mainly designed for people who consistently get less than 7hours of sleep. The Philips SmartSleep headband will be handy this Spring in the US at the cost of $400 (₹25506.00 approx).

Benefits of the SmartSleep 

1- Everything you need to get started for the first 90 days

Each self-adhesive SmartSleep Sensor lasts up to 3-night’s of use when properly applied and stored. Experience the sleep sensing technology of SmartSleep!

2- Adjustable sliders which will help you to find the most comfortable fit

Size large will be the best size choice for approximately 70% of people.
The Size M: Head circumference 54-60cm (21″- 23.5″), Size L: Head circumference 60-66cm (23.5″- 26″).

Philips SmartSleep

3- View and track your sleep patterns

The SleepMapper mobile app will help you understand your sleep by explaining your sleep stages, the “Sleep Boost” provided your SmartSleep, and tips for improving your sleep habits.

4- Developed in collaboration with doctors and researchers

SmartSleep has been trialed in multi-site clinical trials, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness at improving the quality of deep sleep.

5- Money back guarantee

The Philips Store offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy. If anyone is unsatisfied with the Philips SmartSleep can return within 30-days of use.

Philips SmartSleep

The SmartSleep package includes-

  • SmartSleep headband
  • 90-days of SmartSleep Sensors
  • Charger
  • Quickstart Guide
  • User Manual