A massive cyber attack was reported on Tuesday that affected computer terminals across Russia’s largest oil company and a host of banks along with multinational corporate houses in Ukraine. Thus, the global corporate world has fallen victim to two back to back cyber attacks in consecutive months.

These incidents of cyber extortion actually reveal the exiscoting loopholes in the world of business related to imposing security measures on the virtual networks. Thus aggressive hackers get along with successfully shutting down critical infrastructure. As a result of this forced shutdown, business cripples and the economy suffers.

According to reports, the cyber attack, which is now being referred to as the Petya ransomware, was launched with malicious codes stolen from the NSA (the USA National Security Agency). In fact, security experts have uncovered certain traits in both the incidents, which might prove helpful in bringing the criminals to justice.

Photo Credit: Securelist

Experts from bitcoin news today, confirmed that, the attack included the notorious “Eternal Blue” code, which was stolen from the NSA. The same code was also used in the ransomware attack last month, which was named “WannaCry”. The extent of the Petya ransomware attack was really huge this time, as the virus encrypted hard drives before overwriting files on terminals that run on Microsoft Corp’s. Then, a sum equivalent to $300 dollars in bitcoin payment was demanded to restore the systems back to the initial condition.

According to an estimation run by the probing agency, over 30 victims gave in to the demand of Bitcoin payment within the first few hours of the disruption. In the wake of the latest cyber attack, Microsoft issued a statement that read, the virus may have spread out from a flaw in the security update in March this year. The attack is more damaging than normal ransomware attempts, as it makes the computer terminals unresponsive and unable to boot. To avoid being victimized by such sinister designs, it is better to have the computers updated with Microsoft patches.