Reliance Jio completed its second year in the Indian telecom sector in this very month. The company is commemorating the two years of its existence since its debut in the telecom market with its free data and unlimited calling back in the year 2016. So, to celebrate this special occasion, the company has announced a new Jio Celebrations Offer under which it is giving 2GB daily 4G data to users in addition over their current active pack.

But, users need to be reminded that since this offer has been launched to mark the anniversary of Jio, it would be available only till September 11. Also, Jio users can avail the offer via MyJio app.

To know more, Jio is giving 2 vouchers of 8 GB high speed data (2GB/day for 4 days), where the first voucher would be credited this month by September 20 and the second voucher would be credited in October 2018.


This extra data would be automatically credited to the user’s account and apply in addition to the data already been received available with the current active plan.

For instance, when using a ₹149 plan currently that offers 1.5GB data per day, Jio would automatically credit free 8GB 4G data in the Jio account. So now users would receive a total of 1.5GB + 2GB 4G data per day for four days. Similarly, the second voucher would be credited in October 2018 and would add over the per day data available with the current plan.


In case users would like to know, if the data has been credited in the Jio account or not, they need to open MyJio app and visit the My Plans section. Inside the section, users would again spot two sections, one shows the current active plan and the other shows the Jio Celebrations offer. So if the free data has been credited to the account on September 6 then that data would expire on September 10. The free data would be offered only for four days. Also, this  Jio Celebrations offer would be valid for both Jio as well as Jio Phone users.