Reliance Jio has re-entered the phone war scenario by resuming the sale of its 4G feature phone, in the telecom industry where almost all the operators are targeting the 500 million customers who still don’t have any access to the smartphones.

To be more precise, Reliance Jio Retail will be open to only those who have earlier expressed their desires of purchasing one. The company here regarded that they have already started sending out SMS messages to potential buyers. These potential buyers had previously shown interest in buying the phone in July. So, people who are interested can click on the link in the SMS message or even make a call to the number displayed in the message.

A Reliance Jio Channel Partner also confirmed this news by stating that, “A link will be sent to people who are again showing interest to make payment of Rs 500 on the authorized channel. Once they make payment, they will be informed about the date when Jio Phone will be delivered to them”. Also, the further reports state that more than 10 million people had shown interest in Jio Phone and the message will be sent to all of them.

Now, comes the hitch. In August, in just under three days, the company had registered more than six million Jio Phones being booked. Reliance supremo Mukesh Ambani had also further announced that the 4G phone will be “effectively free” for users. But in order to prevent the misuse of the scheme, the buyers of Jio Phone will need to shed a refundable deposit of ₹1,500.

Now, after the of 36 months, that is three years, the money will be refunded to customers. But in a move to cheer its buyers, the company has further relaxed the refund scheme. According to Jio, under the new condition, the handset buyers can be returned after using for a year but the refunded amount will be of ₹500. The twist in the story remains that the user has to recharge their phone with at least ₹1,500.

Further explanations of this scheme state that the Customers would have the flexibility to reach the ₹1,500 per year usage figure according to their convenience by choosing various tariff plans as announced by the company. Similarly, on the return of the phone in the second year, the customer will get the refund of ₹1,000 and subsequently in the third year, the entire amount of ₹1,500 will be refunded.

Right now the phone is being distributed through Jio retailers, multi-brand device retailers, and the network of Reliance Digital stores.