Reliance Jio has signed another deal this time. This includes a 5 year partnership deal with Star India. So this deal basically speaks of Star India broadcasting all televised India cricket matches on Hotstar and JioTV applications. This partnership would consist of all T20 matches, one-day international matches, international tests matches, and all premier domestic competitions of the BCCI.

This further deals with the fact that JioTV users would be able to watch all Indian cricket matches on their smartphones without the need to turn on a television. Jio Prime users avail all Jio services free of charge, which means they won’t have to pay anything extra, except for their tariff plans to watch content online.


Regarding this deal, Akash Ambani, Director, Jio added that, “Every Indian must have access to the best sporting events as well as quality and affordable bandwidth to consume the content. With this partnership, we intend to address both these objectives of providing the best sporting content with the best digital infrastructure to the Jio users”.

So, now users would be also be able to view the exact same content on Hotstar. However, to watch the matches live the app requires users to purchase a subscription which costs around ₹199 a month and ₹999 a year.


Star India has rights to broadcast most of these matches in India, and they have entered a deal with Reliance Jio. Right now, users would be able to watch the Asia Cup 2018 live online using Airtel TV app on their smartphones.

To this, Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director, Star India concluded that, “Over the last five years, we have re-invented the sports experience in India across screens, both television and digital. And, with a new partner in Reliance Jio, we will have even more opportunities to raise the bar for cricket fans”.