Reliance Jio Infocomm has recently initiated another recruitment drive. People close to this recent development added that this refers to hiring a team of professionals under Akash Ambani to work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its multiple use cases for the telecom firm.

They further added that “Reliance Jio has hired a few senior people who will build this team…the company wants to set up this team in either Bengaluru or Hyderabad… Akash Ambani is taking a keen interest in this and is expected to lead this initiative”. However, the location has not yet been finalized.

The sources then also stated that “Reliance Jio has already started the recruitment process in Bengaluru…apart from AI, it is looking for people who can work on machine learning and blockchain”.

To look back, in May, Reliance Jio had launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based brand engagement platform called ‘JioInteract’ with features like video call centers, video catalog, and virtual showrooms. The platform was to allow users to ask questions and respond to them in the most appropriate way.

reliance-jioWith this, it is quite prominent that the company is constantly exploring alternate revenue streams and new technologies in the India market. Right now, for instance, it has set up an engineering team to work on blockchain technology with the goal of developing new use-cases and application.

Now, Jio’s biggest rival telco is also no less. Airtel had recently appointed former NASA executive Santanu Bhattacharya as Chief Data Scientist to accelerate efforts around emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

This Sunil Mittal-driven telco was hiring to bring engineering talent on board to drive innovation. As per previous reports, the telco had specifically chosen Bengaluru to dip into the large talent pool in India’s IT capital.