The country to get the biggest Navaratri gift this season. With the initiation of the pre-booking of the Jio phones last week, Jio has finally revealed the date for the delivery of the phone. Customers to receive their phones from Navaratri which is beginning from September 21.

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has already been loaded with the booking of nearly 60 lakh units of JioPhone within three days of its opening which had commenced from August 24. But was forced to shut down the process of pre-booking due to heavy demand.

Another speculated news regarding this delivery of the phone also stated that the Jio Phones are being imported from Taiwan and will be made available only to certain selected locations in India, who are privileged enough to get the delivery first. New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are some of the selected locations.

The process of pre-booking of Jio Phones has been initiated through its stores, franchisees, Jio website and application against a refundable deposit of Rs 500. The customers are only supposed to pay Rs.1,000 at the time of the delivery of the phone in September. Also, the entire pay price of Rs.1,500 will be refunded to the buyer after 36 months, on returning the phone in September.

As per the reports, a total of 61.8 million mobiles are estimated to get delivered in the second quarter of 2017. With 6 million units of sale, JioPhone roughly accounts for around 10 per cent of India’s total mobile phone market in a quarter. Another piece of good news states the announcement by Mukesh Ambani that voice calling for customers of JioPhone would always be free and they would get unlimited data for a month against a payment of Rs 153.

Now, a quick glance of the salient physical features of the phone:

  • Ability to be operated on voice command


  • An Alpha numeric keypad


  •  2.4-inch QVGA display


  • FM Radio and Torchlight


  •  An SD Card slot


  • A four-way navigation system


  • Apart from these, the phone will come pre-loaded with Jio apps such as JioMusic, JioCinema, and JioTV.


So all the best and congratulations to all the users getting their Jio feature phones this season.