Yes, you have read that right.People do have their own share of fun and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is no less exception to this. Fun or pleasure to him means visiting a conference and communing with robots.

Recently, at the company’s MARS conference in California, he took a casual stroll with Boston Dynamics robot dog. After this, he also played beer pong with a robot. In fact, he went a level further, made it more competitive with a large piece of metal holding a red bat.

In the footage posted by the MIT Technology Review to Twitter, one must truly focus on Bezos’s table-tennis prowess and also his beaming confidence while serving. His backhand and forehand, however, were a little tentative for a man of his muscle.

Bezos’ fun activity also included walking with a robotic ‘dog’ called SpotMini and this is the same dog manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which has been recently perceived in the Hollywood flick Jurassic Park, where it was seen opening doors like a velociraptor.

Here, someone with quite an alarmist disposition might argue, after seeing the world’s wealthiest person casually walking around with autonomous robots, and not unlike the ones those already deployed on the battlefield, that this is how a sci-fi dystopia movie starts, literally.

However, all these things should be taken and reacted to very normally.

Bezos, who’s current worth is about $130 billion, is always an enthusiastic participant in the annual invite-only conference. It was only in the last year where he had shown up in a gigantic 13-foot tall robot. Of course, this is also fine and nothing to worry about and are just perfectly normal kinds of stuff.