Ola has roped in a new feature for its users. This is the Ola credit option newly added which enables users to ride now but pay later, and this can be extended up to 15 days. So, to add more, Ola credit is a premium offering extended only to Ola’s loyal user base. So, now Ola Credit lets users take multiple rides in an Ola and pay for those rides at the end of the credit cycle or when the credit limit gets exhausted. Also, all this with no extra cost or interest involved.

In fact, this service is especially useful for users when the cash is not sufficient and there’s not an ATM nearby.

For users, after launching the Ola App on the phone, one can follow the simple steps below to activate Ola Credit.

Image Credit: Ola

Lastly, to conclude, Ola Credit is a premium offering extended only to Ola’s loyal users. Thus, the above-discussed options would definitely be of a great help.