World Cup 2018 might have ended but the news related to this mega event is still very much taking a toll on the internet. Recently, another very scintillating news has hit the headlines. This states the revelation by President Vladimir Putin that Russia was the target of almost 25 million cyber-attacks during the World Cup. However, he did not indicate who might have been behind the attacks.

In a recent meeting with the security services, Putin also added that “During the period of the World Cup, almost 25 million cyber-attacks and other criminal acts on the information structures in Russia, linked in one way or another to the World Cup, were neutralized”.

The president, whose comments were reported by the Kremlin on Monday, however, did not provide any information on the nature or possible origins of the cyber-attacks.


To this, he further added that “Behind this (World Cup) success lies huge preparatory, operational, analytical and information work, we operated at maximum capacity and concentration”.

Russia, which was the World Cup host for this year, from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities and 12 stadiums, has been repeatedly accused by Western countries of conducting cyber-attacks.

For instance, on 12th July, Russian military intelligence officers were charged with hacking Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic Party in a stunning indictment three days prior to the meeting between President Donald Trump and Putin in Helsinki.

The charges were drawn up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, i.e. the former FBI director who is investigating the Russian interference in the November 2016 vote and whether any members of Trump’s campaign team collided with Moscow.