Sunil Jose, the vice president, and leader of Salesforce India said that Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will drive 3.3 million new jobs are more than $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022 senior area.

According to reports, he said in an interview that in India he will create 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs contributing $17.2 billion in new business revenues to the Indian GDP by 2022.

Sunil Jose added that India has been a relevant and an important marketplace and that is not about revenues it is about the Salesforce economy. There is a stated goal by the Indian Prime Minister that between 2015 and 2030, India would be the third largest economy in the world.

The second point is the young population of India. The third is the Salesforce economy by 2022, would probably influence almost 3.3 million jobs, and out of which 1.1 million is out of India. It translates into $859 billion globally and about $17 billion in India which itself is a huge number. Also, the growing independent software vendor ecosystem. All these are huge factors of how the company viewing at India delivering for Salesforce’s global growth.

Types of consumers the company aiming

The company has 1,50000 plus consumers worldwide. the company provides service to a huge array of customers in India. For Instance, they have customers like Godrej, UB Group, tech companies like HCL. At the start-up level, they have clients such as online furniture retailer Urban Ladder, micro-financing company out of Bengaluru like Janalakshmi.

Salesforce believes India is probably an area where it’s doubled down its investment. The organization believes India is a huge boon from a skills perspective and that’s really encouraging because that is a billion plus people which could be available on Salesforce technology globally on the Salesforce economy.

The organization has just chartered on a thousand-plus people in the country. They have a stated goal also to be thousand-plus in Hyderabad by 2020. So those investments are going back in the technology team and the customer support group. They just started building the Ignite team in India which is more about design thinking and consulting. This team collaborates with the global team to start looking at large customers or customers here who are looking at the digital transformation.