After the launch of Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has hit the headlines again. Samsung’s mobile President DJ Koh took the launchpad of MWC 2018, to confirm the long-standing and much-heard rumors about a Samsung smart speaker.

As reported, Samsung would be releasing a ‘premium’ Bixby smart speaker in the second half of 2018 and this is quite contradictory to the previous announcement which had confirmed the sale earlier this year.

In all probability, this speaker would connect with Samsung’s SmartThings network to control all the smart home devices via the voice assistant commands through the Bixby platform. However, right now, actual details regarding the device’s appearance or capabilities haven’t been announced yet.

More on the Bixby Speaker:

Just two months back, sources close to the Samsung claimed that Bixby speaker has been priced at $200. Also, reports have stated that the Bixby Speaker might have different pricing tiers, indicating a much more affordable version with fewer features that could release alongside the premium device. But Project Ambience is more of an accessory than a lower-tier device. So, right now, the users would have to wait for more concrete details to know more.

Also, it needs mentioning that Samsung is not the only major tech company focusing on luxury speakers to avoid a bargain speaker war with Amazon and Google.

In fact, Facebook’s smart speakers have been scheduled for release, somewhere in mid-2018, and codenamed Aloha and Fiona, these could sell for as high as $499. So, right now, users would just have to wait and see how the Samsung’s Bixby speaker compares, with the above-mentioned ones.