Samsung rolls out Bixby voice assistant

Samsung has finally rolled out its much awaited Artificial Intelligence based Bixby voice assistant. Though this feature is available only to a few select Galxy S* and S8+ users in the US.

The users had earlier enrolled for the Bixby Early Access Program. This program was basically a pilot study conducted for testing Samsung’s newly introduced Voice operated assistant, denoting the fact that it is still prevailing in the Beta phase.

Samsung Bixby Voice AssistantWhy delay in Bixby’s launch?

It took a lot of time for the proper launch of Bixby. The first obstacle was faced during the month of March, during the time of Galaxy S8 launch. Reports were also afloat by some early analyzers that Bixby couldn’t perform well in accordance with its expectations, referring to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones, where it was first introduced. But there is always the other side of the coin which states that even if delayed for another month, it will go through all the struggles to learn English and in all probability, Bixby will only support US English and Korean.


More about Bixby

The launch of Beta version of Bixby have left the cue that the full version for Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be sooner or later launched by Samsung and the expected date is the end of the current month or the beginning of July. But a bit of extra effort is needed from the user’s end. Bixby Voice will get activated only after the user opens up the Galaxy App and gets all the Samsung apps updated. The user will then have to setup the voice feature by training the user’s voice for Bixby.