Samsung In-Folding Smartphone

Samsung has been reportedly working on a smartphone which can fold inward. The News of the Samsung inward folding phone follows a revelation from Samsung Mobile CEO Ko Dong-jin. He mentioned that the company is planning to come up with a foldable smartphone next year.

“We are currently dealing with some hurdles to do so and we will release our first foldable smartphone after overcoming the hurdles,” he remarked at the Galaxy Note 8 launch event on September 12.

It is possible that Samsung’s inward folding phone will be named the Galaxy X. The Galaxy X has reportedly already got Bluetooth certification and radio certification two important qualifications before phones go on sale.

According to the report, Samsung is not only working with a foldable smartphone that Samsung has in the pipeline. Samsung Electronics and its display affiliate Samsung Display is reportedly working on an inward-folding device with a 3R curvature.

In fact, Samsung Electronics has worked on a foldable smartphone for four to five years. An interesting point is that the company worked on a phone that can be folded outward until recently and is now going the opposite way.

During the early stage of its foldable smartphone development, Samsung electronics worked for years on a phone that can be folded inward and components for it.Then, the company veered in the opposite direction all of a sudden. And, this change in direction was a couple of years ago.

It is unclear why Samsung has decided to go back to square one and start off again from its initial concept. What that means for the outward-folding handset’s future is also unclear. Will Samsung release the handset we have been hearing about or will make us all wait a little longer for this inward-folding device?