A few days back it was Testony. Now it is the Sarahah, the trending online sensation which has taken the Internet by storm. This is nothing but an app which lets anyone, having your’s profile link, send an anonymous text message. Of course, the messages can be read but giving a further reply to that is not possible.

The Beginning:

Launched in Google Play Store in June 2017, Sarahah is basically a Saudi-Arabian honesty app, leading its way to India, turning into a craze, with the users posting their profile links on social networking platforms, like Facebook and Snapchat. It had become one of the most downloaded free apps in the recent past, defeating the hegemony of app-giants like WhatsApp and Facebook.



Sarahah, which means ‘honesty’ in Arabic, had been developed by Saudi programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, initially for the benefit of employees so that they can place honest feedback regarding their employer, without the risk of being fired.

It was at a later stage when he realized that this could be developed as an app, for sending out personal texts. Within a month of its launch in February 2017, its popularity reached among 2.5 million users in Egypt, 1.7 million in Tunisia and 1.2 million in Saudi Arabia.

This app, which got released in Apple iOS and Google Play on 13th June 2017, has right now reached up to 300 million users worldwide.

Honesty app or Cyber-Bullying?

No matter how much exciting this app is, people tend to misuse it more often, because of its anonymity. All the texts received are definitely not filled with good words or praises. In fact, the majority of the anonymous letters contain words or phrases which are quite demeaning and depressing.


Image Credit: Money Control


As per Media reports, there have been several cases of cyber -bullying in the app, which is reflected in the review comments by the user. The anonymity is thought to be the greatest cause of this as the commentator has the liberty to write anything without the fear of being caught. In fact, parents have forbidden their children to use this app, as the many a times the comments carry a hint of racism, misogyny, and even lewd body-shaming.

But, the other part of the story also remains the positive reviews about this app, which actually states about the people’s support towards this app.


 Image Credit: Money Control


So, good or bad, positive or negative, it’s just the normal habit of people to ‘go with the flow’. Just a wait for few days and then some other app or game will replace this. Till then, let’s guess who is the commentator?!!!