The striking news this time has been created by SBI. India’s largest Public sector bank, State Bank of India (SBI) has roped in with Dimension Data to unveil 60 digital branches across India. This initiative is especially focused on the utility of banks, that would help them in offering advanced banking services namely instant loan approvals, customized investment portfolios, latest mutual fund offerings and several others.

Dimension Data, an $8 billion global technology integrator, and managed services provider have helped SBI in enabling this transformation. The project is currently running in the pilot phase in 60 sbiINTOUCH branches across 21 states. This collaborates together leading technologies in the areas of telepresence, collaboration, and customer experience. This, in turn, would help the Bank expand its reach along with increasing profitability by intelligently connecting the Bank’s experts with the customers.

According to an analyst firm, 70 percent of customers and prospects will choose a competition service provider if an expert is not present at the delivery channel when and where he makes an initial inquiry regarding a product or service. This segment of customers is predominantly the tech-savvy generation, which SBI also wanted to attract. By launching sbiINTOUCH, SBI can address these concerns and provide better services to their customers.


In lieu with the Bank’s plans to carve deeper inroads into the digital era, Dimension Data has set up this Digital Branches, which in turn has enabled SBI to create a virtual pool of experts and specialists, co-located in strategic centers or dispersed across the organization. Equipped with the latest technology, it provides SBI’s users with an immersive audio and visual experience with the added ability to print, scan and share the document using touchscreen controls. Thus, on the other hand, this also helps create an instant connection with the customer in real-time, thereby ensuring that SBI doesn’t lose a potential customer.

To delve deep, Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, Deputy Managing Director and CIO, SBI, added, explaining this entire venture that, “As India’s largest bank with over 16 crore transactions per day, 25,000 branches and over 730 million customers, SBI has unique challenges to stay relevant and provide the right solutions to our diverse clientele. We have constantly innovated using transformative technology to bring our customers closer to the Bank. The solution will help make banking a lot more personalized for SBI’s customers with a superior virtual non-transactional banking experience. We have been working with Dimension Data on various successful projects to help bring better services to our customers for the past 17 years. Today’s customer is well informed and tech-savvy, and do not believe in the concept of time-consuming processes, with digital branches, we will be able to provide them with that”.

With this, Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO – South Asia, Japan, and New Zealand, also stated that “Banks need to constantly strive to innovate and differentiate themselves to maintain customer loyalty. The solution will enable SBI to transform its communication model for better customer loyalty which will further help SBI improve sales, cross-sales and in upselling. As for the SBI customer, this will ensure that he/she gets the right advice for all non-transactional processes. Added to that, it will further help the Bank enhance its customer experience which in turn will become its important competitive differentiator. All of this technology rides seamlessly on state of the art nationwide digital infrastructure that we manage for the Bank”.