Seagate has arrived with its latest innovation. This includes the new 12TB storage options, which are a part of the Barracuda Pro, Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro Lines, which has set just the perfect instance of packing a ton of space at a pretty reasonable cost.

This 12TB Barracuda Pro is mainly designed for desktop users and is being vouched as the “fastest, highest-capacity and most reliable hard drive”, that the consumers can even think of right now. On the other hand, the IronWolf and IronWolf Pro are optimized for NAS use.

To this, Seagate Technology senior vice president of Business Marketing Matt Rutledge regarded that, “Our storage hungry customers and partners continue to ask for our latest and greatest technology along with increased capacity and performance in our purpose-built products. With the 12TB Pro products, Seagate buyers are overcoming capacity constraints in their systems and can access vast amounts of digital data anytime, from anywhere”.

More of this massive Barracuda Pro:

The 12TB Barracuda Pro ensures its availability in a 3.5-inch form factor, and is a 7,200RPM drive with 256MB of cache, transferring speed up to 250MB/s. Further, there is also a five-year warranty which is being offered with two years of Seagate Rescue data recovery thrown in and all these at a cost of $529.99.

The 12TB IronWolf Pro are also 3.5-inch drives but are offered with IronWolf Health Management software, which is compatible with different NAS devices from the likes of Synology and QNAP. IHM arrives with features such as actionable prevention and includes recovery options.

Regarding IHM, Seagate regarded that this software will be available within the next quarter with its partners in the NAS space, and not right away. The prices for the 12TB IronWolf and the 12TB IronWolf Pro are fixed at $569.99 and $539.99 respectively.