Recently, Seagate Technology revealed its SeaHawk AI hard disk drive (HDD), which is the first drive created specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) enabled video surveillance solutions. Supported by Seagate’s 10-year track record of delivering surveillance optimized storage performance, SkyHawk AI provides unmatched bandwidth and processing power to manage the data-loaded work pressures, while on the other side, analyzes and records footage from multiple HD cameras.

In a recent announcement, the reports and analytics on Video Surveillance hardware state of its exponential growth speculated to be increasing from 27.6 million shipments in 2016 to 126 million shipments in 2021, as hardware manufacturers continue to include analytics sensors on NVRs. This would only increase as AI, especially referring to machine learning applications such as facial recognition and analyzing irregularities in behavior, become increasingly prevalent. In parallel to this, the need for fast video analytics will continue to rise, increasing the workload burden on NVR storage, according to the announcement.

In the words of Sai Varanasi, Vice-president product line management, Seagate Technology, “We are excited to introduce smart, purpose-built SkyHawk AI solutions that expand the design space for our customers and partners, allowing them to implement next-generation deep learning and video analytics applications”.

Talking of SkyHawk, it is well-suited for intensive computational workloads that would typically accompany AI work streams, as its high throughput and enhanced caching deliver low latency and excellent random read performance that quickly locate and deliver video images and footage analysis, according to the claims made by the company. This enables decision making at a quicker pace, eliminating the latency of exchanging Cloud-based data and processing. Also, the company has stated that Equipped with Seagate ImagePerfect AI firmware, the drive reliably records high quality, sharp video footage with no dropped frames, while simultaneously facilitating AI-enabled NVR analytics.

Right now, SkyHawk AI is shipping to customers worldwide through appointed authorized distributors.