Google has won the race this time. To delve deep, Google has recently signed a deal with Shopify, to help host the e-commerce company’s online stores on the Alphabet Inc. unit’s cloud service.

This deal would welcome a new, fast-growing customer into Google’s fold as cloud chief Diane Greene attempts to match up to Microsoft Corp. and, in the lucrative business of Internet-based computing.

This is also another case of a retail-related company choosing Google over Amazon’s cloud. For instance, companies including Home Depot Inc. and Williams-Sonoma Inc have already shunned Amazon Web Services in favor of Microsoft and Google because the e-commerce giant is a rival. In this case, Shopify has still kept a space for Amazon for some cloud infrastructure, but the majority would be run by Google.


A quick flashback states about that, Ottawa-based Shopify provides websites and tools to help smaller merchants sell online and compete with retailers like Amazon. The company has grown rapidly since its initial public offering in 2015, with its stock gaining more than 700 percent.

Thus, it is quite expected that such a large amount of shopper traffic requires a great deal of infrastructure to support. Also, this is particularly true during peak periods such as the holiday season, when retailers witness major spikes in the number of visitors to their websites.

So, now, this agreement with Google should ease the load on Shopify, which has until now hosted most of its services in it’s own data centers.

Also, now on Google’s end, the deal with Shopify represents the latest in a string of recent cloud wins. Google is continually in a process of extending its platform in a bid to win over more enterprise customers, and this latest endeavor is Google’s another step towards its venture.