The U.N. has come up with a very unique yet shocking report. As per its survey, Singapore has a near-perfect approach towards cyber security, unlike many other rich countries, who lack in the matters concerning to their defense mechanisms. But the most striking feature remains that some of the economically backward countries are actually giving the lessons to their wealthy counterparts on how things should be done.

As per the recent survey by the U.N. International Telecommunication Union (ITU), wealth is the root cause of cyber crime but does not generate the cyber security at the equal pace, so the respective governments should be prepared in every possible way. The survey further stated about the prominent gaps between countries in terms of awareness, understanding, knowledge and ultimately the capacity to install the much-needed strategies, capabilities, and programs.

USA was the occupant of the second position among the top 10 countries. After that, the followers were Malaysia, Oman, Estonia,Mauritius, Australia, Georgia, France, and Canada, Russia who ranked 11th and India was at the 25th position, one place ahead of Germany and China was 34th.

This survey was mainly done on the basis of a country’s legal, technical, and organizational institutions, educational and research capabilities, and mostly their cooperation in information-sharing networks. All the above-mentioned points are mainly in lieu to Cyber Security which is an ecosystem where laws, organizations, skills, cooperation and technical implementation needs to be in cooperation in the most effective way.

“The degree of interconnectivity of networks implies that anything and everything can be exposed, and everything from national critical infrastructure to our basic human rights can be compromised”, the survey stated.

The most important step was to adopt a national security service, you can visit their website for packages.

North-Korea was one such country which ranked surprisingly well in spite of its economic disparity and confirmed the 57th position.

The smallest rich countries like Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino were all well down the second half of the table, which was surprisingly bad, as per their economic status. The Vatican ranked 186th out of 195 countries in the survey.

However, no country did worse than Equatorial Guinea, which scored a complete zero.