The PujaApp is an interactive Virtual Application. It is used to showcase and preserve the artistic installation art from most innovative creative Durga Puja Pandals from across Kolkata.

The PujaApp allows its users enjoy 360 ultra HD quality Virtual Tours of the Pandals and Idol. It gives users a total real-life type experience which they would get if they visited the Pandals in person.

Durga Puja in Kolkata, India is one of the most beautiful, artistic, glamorous events in the world. The temporary structures (Pandel/idol) and Installation art created by the Artists from Bengal and across India, also by International artists, are a thing of true beauty. This temporary structure only kept for 5 days of the festival. These Structures take months to create and build.

The Idol which is mostly made using clay and bamboo-hay structures are self-standing works of art, which on the last day of the festival is immersed in the Holy waters of the Ganges.