The recent news states that Google’s Android Go platform has popularized the idea of a stripped-down and efficient version of a full-blown operating system, and also updated with other features, termed as Windows 10 Lean.

According to the recent tweets by Twitterati Lucas, Windows 10 Lean would be a new installation option, while installing Windows 10  from scratch. This new edition is available in an early version of Windows 10, build (17650), which can be downloaded by Windows Insiders who have chosen the ‘Skip Ahead’ feature.

Also, now it seems that Windows 10 Lean would be a 64-bit version of Windows 10 that is 2GB smaller than Windows 10 Pro, with a number of features cut to save disc space.

This further refers that wallpapers, drivers for CD and DVD drives, and a number of apps have also been cut. In this early version, Lucas also found that Microsoft’s Edge browser doesn’t show download prompts, which means users won’t be able to get files from the internet, making it even more restricted than Windows 10 S.

Now, this can also be concluded that it looks like Windows 10 Lean would be aimed at devices which have limited resources, and where security is a priority. It’s good to see Microsoft targeting hardware like that, but the ever-growing list of Windows 10 varieties are quickly becoming confusing.

Regarding this, another upcoming feature was also unveiled by twitterati, Rafael Rivera, a software engineer, who found that a dark theme is coming for File Explorer.

Now, this states that the windows used for browsing the files on the computer have a better match for any theme users have and that uses dark colors.

Also, even this is not a particularly groundbreaking feature, it is one that quite a few people have asked for in the past.

Again, this is an early version of the feature, and even if it is an interesting development, like many of the new features discovered in Windows 10 Insider builds, there is currently no clear-cut answer as to what Microsoft actually plans for Windows 10 Lean.