Perhaps, the most common habit shared by individuals these days are browsing the web. Of course, the online stores are much in vogue, thus providing one of the strong reasons for the smartphone users to browse the web, picking their favorites. Now, browsing the web on a smartphone might be a lot of time-saving rather than visiting the stores physically, but new data reveals that users might be spending more money each time they visit a retail website.

Now, retailers all throughout the world have been making their websites faster, essentially making it easier by the day for potential customers to go ahead and shop online. However, as per the recent reports by Recode, the number of money people spend on per visit to online retailers has shot up by 27 percent since 2015.

This new data published by Adobe Analytics, source back to the analysis of a trillion visits to more than 5,000 websites from January 2015 to December 2017.

With this, the Adobe Analytics data have also placed stress on the fact that meanwhile, the duration of smartphone website visits has in fact gone down by 10 percent.

That depicts that the sales have been on the increase on the desktop and tablet front as well but is being far outpaced by the growth in sales through smartphones. This is on the back of an 89.4 percent increase in smartphone visits to US website since 2015.

Adobe has also added to this that much faster cellular connections through 5G are expected to further push mobile sales to a possible $12 billion a year by 2021.


To this, Costa Lasiy, a data science analyst for Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) that examined data from Adobe Analytics, added that “The attention span of users is becoming shorter, and we think it’s because they are expecting higher quality, straight-to-the-point browsing experiences. They (users) don’t want to go through 20 pages, especially when they’re on their smartphones”.