Sony Electronics announced that the users with 2017 and select 2016 Sony 4k HDR televisions with Android TV can now use the Google an Assistant to discover and access content, as well as control other smart home devices through Sony TV.

The Google Assistant Sony TV works just by pushing the microphone button on the remote and using your voice to ask a question or say a command. This permits the users to seamlessly playback content, search for content, play music, stream photos, control their smart home devices and find general information (e.g. weather, directions, fast facts, etc.) all through their Sony TV.

Mike Fasulo, President, and COO of Sony Electronics said, “Sony’s goal is to provide our customers the Smart Home functionality they desire in the manner they choose. With the Google Assistant, Sony TV owners get all the answers and tasks they need to be done, just by using their voice”.

He added, “This software update is available today for those that already own, or plan to buy, a supported Sony 4K HDR television with Android TV – bringing new innovative technologies to our customers.”

With the Google Assistant, the users can play back content or request to stream their favorite TV show from the selected services such as YouTube and Netflix.The Google Assistant makes it easy to find the perfect show or movie by providing a natural voice interface.

For instance, on YouTube, users will be able to seamlessly look for new, popular, or highly rated content by simply asking the Google Assistant, and then using voice commands to play the selection. Users can stay engaged by asking the Google Assistant questions about the content being played.

The Google Assistant works with more than 1,000 smart devices from 150+ famous brands and these ow work seamlessly on Sony’s Android TV’s. Sony says the 2016 editions of the XBR- Z9D, XBR-X800D, X BR-X750/X700D, and all 2017 Sony Android TVs will have full Google Assistant experience after downloading the software update.