Google Maps Interface

With Google maps you will soon be able to check speed limit for a particular place. The feature now available in San Francisco Bay Area in the US and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil would soon be rolled out to other regions, confirmed the tech giant.

Google maps Speed Limit feature
Image Credit: Android Auto Forum

Google has been testing this speed limit feature since last year, but availability of sufficient data has hindered the development of the project. This new feature is aimed at guiding the users to maintain their driving speed in accordance with the permissible speed for a place.

A couple of screenshots posted in different android support forums show the speed limit feature appearing either at the bottom right or bottom left corner of the android screen. Android Auto team, on behalf of Google has confirmed the feature to be currently available at only two areas. The feature in awaiting to be rolled out to other regions, it added.

But no further details about the regions were provided.

While it seems that the speed limit feature would be helpful for the users, any incorrect information could make the user susceptible to overspeeding traffic fines.