WhatsApp beta users to get flooded with choices. The reason being that WhatsApp has launched a new feature that has let the users switch from a voice call to a video call or vice versa. This is a completely new feature which is still found in the beta stage and is found rolling with the 2.18.4 version of the application and this was first spotted by WABetaInfo. Also, it seems, that the messaging application is currently testing this feature, collecting feedback from the beta users to make it work better. Right now, this feature is only available only for the Android users and hopes are there that if this becomes successful, iOS users should start receiving it also.

According to this feature, it would enable WhatsApp callers to switch between various call modes, but without disconnecting the call. Here, if the user is on a voice call, he/she would have a video icon made on the call screen, just beneath the reject button.

Here when the user clicks on the icon, the app would send a request to the recipient without disconnecting the voice call. Now, if this recipient rejects the call, the voice call would continue as it was and if the video call gets accepted, it would effortlessly transform into a video call.

WhatsApp beta
Image Credit : WABetainfo

Since WhatsApp and Instagram are under the aegis of Facebook, the apps are now communicating in new ways. Recently, WhatsApp has also started testing a new feature which let the user import stories from their Instagram account and share it on WhatsApp.

Using its massive reach, the application is trying to popularize features that have been, till now been limited to few apps. With the introduction of new features on Instagram and WhatsApp, the company is directly competing with Snapchat and has managed to earn more users due to the sheer number of monthly active users.