Smart bra - estufs

Technology is the order of the day. No matter where we go or what we do, we need technology at every juncture. But this time, all applaud to a technological sphere for producing something really unique as well as useful. Yes, it might sound a bit weird and astonishing but certain black sports bra has been invented with a geolocating tool tucked inside, specially designed for the women in sports.

More about it:

Meghan Gonzales, the sports scientist of the Houston Dash team, threw light on this aspect. She stated that for the past few years she has been collecting biometric data from players through the geolocating tool mentioned above.

The players, adorn this sensor laden lingerie during training and even while they are playing a match. This is actually the representative of how much hard working they are, the total distance they cover and the high-intensity runs.

Also, Gonzales added that if they are planning for a high-density day during practice, then it automatically places the live feed and then depending on it gets decided whether they should step up a bit or pull it back. So this garment is wholly dedicated to for the preparation of the game.

These trackers are provided to all the teams across the National Women’s Soccer League by Catapult Sports, syncing with Gonzales’ laptop in real time, giving her the access to see the exact time a player changes her gear and based on this the benchmark of 5:27 mile pace is the yardstick for any player to gain the title of ‘high intensity’. Later, she creates graphs to show the coach, Omar Morales, so that they can ponder upon a number of time players spent in their peak performances during any given session.

These smart bras definitely decide the performance level of a player but is not only confined within athletes. Their popularity has been on a rising level since as witnessed in the last few years. According to the International Data Corporation, 102.4 million wearable were shipped in 2016, which is almost 25% more than the previous year. Right now, sensor-laden garments have only occupied one percent of the market but have definitely shown the potentiality for growth in 2017, as per IDC.

lastly, If India takes a cue from this innovation, then this will definitely prove itself as a boon for the percentage of women toiling hard, irrespective of the Rural or Urban areas. We have our women, serving their families, working hard in the office, or earning their daily bread in brick kilns or at the construction sites. So in the near future, this idea might as well click to decipher all the basic necessities they require to improve their health or their exact state for health right at that juncture.