A great news is in store for the tennis enthusiasts this season. All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has teamed up with Twitter to live stream the 2017 Championship on Wimbledon, which is the AELTC’s digital news channel.

This live streaming of the Wimbledon Channel backed by the AELTC’s broadcast partners will be available through the Wimbledon Twitter channel and in addition, will include a real-time custodian timeline of tweets involving live conversations and opinions encircling the grand slam.This live stream can be accessed globally other than in certain international territories to Twitter’s logged-in and logged-out audience and connected devices.

Now, tennis enthusiasts from all over the globe will have a daily watch of a wide range of fresh content from the grounds enlisting news, interviews, behind the scenes, flicks and the other selected actions.

The Commercial and Media Director of the All England Club regarded that AELTC is very much pleased to be a part of all this, since last year’s initial live stream test, which was the first premium live video collaboration on Twitter.

This collaboration is basically representative of the extension of the partnership between AELTC and Twitter’s Amplify program which caters fans on Twitter with the selected on-demand video from @Wimbledon.

Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Noto, stated that “The All England Club continues to transform the experience for fans on Twitter, a place where tennis conversation is happening live in real time every day. Our collaboration with the All England Club will provide fans with Twitter access to coverage from around the Grounds from Wimbledon 2017 while following the conversation all on one screen.”

Further news from this corner states that the AELTC has been focusing on the task of strengthening its digital channel with the aid from IBM as it is all prepared to take up the responsibility from BBC, as the tournament’s lead broadcaster next year. So with the help of its technology sponsor, it is now all set to automatically create the ‘video highlights packages’ by using the IBM’s AI platform.