What is your thought of the day? When will you get married? What does your name suggest about your character? Ok times up!! Now, before jumping to any conclusion, let me clear out that no, this is not any kind of interview procedure in progress. All these are a part of the game trending right now in Facebook. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Testony, the social media game where you get to know all about yourself.

What is this Testony?

By now, every person hooked in the social media is totally accustomed with this app and its whereabouts. Testony is basically a creation of the Media/News Company Impressum. This is basically a customized game which reveals things about yourself which you have always wanted to know. Like, the most famous ones are the questions like ‘Who secretly loves you?’ or ‘Know your death date’. Also with this, you can create your own set of questions. You just need to feed in a number of options against those questions, based on which the app follows an algorithm of permutation and combination and chooses from the answers you have fed previously.

Why did it become viral?

Primarily because of the Social Media hype factor. A trend gets started,  people start talking about it and hearing from them, more people rope in. This also followed the same process.

Secondly, as per Psychological analysis, human beings never get a chance to know who they are actually. I mean, we get to know ourselves mainly by the perception other individuals decipher about us. So, with a single click, we are getting accustomed with all the intricacies of our lives, even if it’s a game. In all probability, this game will dwindle away after few days, with another game of a different sort taking its place.

The safety factor:

Here, comes the climax of the story. Many of the users are complaining of their profiles being hacked as this is a third party plugin, which takes control and analyzes the entire profile to reveal the facts about the user. So this possibility cannot be totally denied. But then Facebook has also provided with options of removing the app from your profile if you want. So, the choice is entirely yours and safety in your hands.

Lastly, be it good, bad or worst, this phenomenon is definitely gaining a momentum and will continue to do so as long as it receives public acceptance.