Finally, the game is over. The main inventors behind the deadly Blue Whale Game have been unveiled. Till now, 3 people have been found to be involved in this notorious game. As per reports, Police have taken into custody 21- year-old Russian ‘computer geek’ Philipp Budeikin, accused of being the ‘inventor’. Second, the 17-year-old unnamed Russian girl convicted and arrested for being an ‘admin’. Previously, Ilya Sidorov, 26, has been arrested earlier this summer for being another mastermind behind this sick game. Even if he has swapped admin roles, investigations against him are still on.

The accused ‘inventor’ of this deadly ‘suicide game’, Philipp Budeikin is being held on charges of instigating at least 16 girls to kill themselves by being an active participant of this social media craze, which the police dread, is also being spread to Britain.

This Russian 21-year-old, after the confession of his crime, gave reasons that he targeted his victims, considering them to be ‘biological waste’ and even stated that they were ‘happy to die’ and that he was ‘cleaning society’.

This lethal game involved brainwashing vulnerable teenagers for a period of 50 days, compelling them to perform detrimental tasks like watching a horror movie to waking up at odd hours of the night and even self-harming.

The last task of the game involves forcing the participants to commit suicide after they have been exhausted and confused for the tasks performed in the last 49 days. It is also feared and suspected that dozens of the Russian teenagers have committed suicide at the bidding of Budeikin or some other ‘mentor’.

Russian prison authorities at the Kresty Jail in St.Petersburg were receiving numerous letters from teenage girls, addressed to Budeikin or ‘Philipp Lis’ (meaning Fox), by the name which he used to address the teenage girls, who have been on trial since 2016.

In the words of Psychologist Veronika Matyushina, mostly the girls deceived of parental love and attention would fall prey to this ‘death trap’, being enticed by the handsome young man, and being drooled over the support and attention provided by the internet, which they desired for. Thus, this beginning of a ‘romantic relationship’ ended in a tragic tale, when after getting attracted the teenagers wouldn’t think twice to end their lives.

Anton Breido, a senior official from the Investigative Committee warned that “Budeikin very clearly knew what he had to do to get the result [he wanted]. He started in 2013 and ever since he has polished his tactics and corrected his mistakes.Philipp and his aides at first attracted children into VK [Russian social media] groups by using mega-scary videos. Their task was to attract as many children as possible, then figure out those who would be the most affected by psychological manipulation.”

He further explained that Budeikin had been a friendless youngster, full of conflict and ignored by his own mother.

Another prime suspect, the unanimous 17-year-old Russian girl has also been accused of being the sick craze, instigating dozens of vulnerable children of taking their own lives. Reportedly. She has issued threats to the victims of murdering them or their family members if they failed to complete the tasks assigned to them.

She would allegedly set victims 50 tasks in 50 days which mainly aimed at ‘creating psychologically traumatizing situations’, with the final stage demanding that the victim must commit suicide.

The tasks included encouraging them to watch horror movies, waking in the middle of the night, and self-harming.

The Russian state investigators have reported that this female ‘death group administrator’ was initially a participant. But she did not end her life. Instead, became an admin of this ‘fatal site’ to help others to commit the fatal act.

Colonel Irina Volk, of the Russian Interior Ministry, stated that “This administrator was sending particular tasks – often life-threatening – to each of several dozen members of the group. In contrast to similar groups, teenagers in this group were blackmailed with death threats against them or their relatives for not completing the tasks”.

Lastly, June 2017 also saw the arrest of 26-year-old postman Ilya Sidorov from Moscow, who confessed of instigating as many as 32 school children to end their lives through this fatal game.

This game is taking a huge toll on life, claiming around 130 suicides of children in Russia between 2015 and April 2016. The situation is same in other parts of the world as well the death of around a dozen in Brazil, five in India and USA standing with 3.

Measures have already been initiated to save the lives of innocent. Like for instance in Britain, a school in Essex had made parents aware of the game following talks with police. Or, the Police forces in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire have urged parents to monitor their child’s social media. But even after this all these, proper care, affection and time from the parents’ end are the pre-requisite to obstruct the path of the children from entering this ‘death trap’.