If you are one among the 20 million professionals using the LinkedIn search every week, then here is your chance to get impressed by the new Search Appearances feature of LinkedIn, inscribed in your profile. These search insights clearly show the way you are being discovered. To be more precise, it clearly traces the exact source from where the opportunities are coming and by gaining this knowledge, it ensures the correct upsurge of the profile for the proper networking regarding various new jobs and professional opportunities.

Now, the salient features of this Search Appearance

  • To view how many people have discovered you per week
  • A detailed view of the company names and job titles of the people who have found in search to give a better idea of the types of opportunities for which you are perfect
  • Click on each company to acquire information on the types of jobs which are relevant and as well as vacant. Also, with this get to know who are the hiring managers.
The new Search features

Further, the product management personnel for the professional networking site, Charu Jangid, have added in a recent blog post that these search insights are being rolled out on a worldwide basis for both the mobile and desktop. Near future will also witness the search keywords through which your profile is being found.

She has also described the utility of the profile completion meter by LinkedIn to the members. On the basis of this, members can analyze their profiles and receive personalized recommendations, referring to a particular segment of the profile, which needs to be focused on. Now a quick glance of the tips she provided for users which would enable the profiles to get discovered at a quicker pace.

  • The need of the hour is a profile photo. This will make the path easier to get connected with the potential opportunities and will help to get the members recognized. The fact remains that profiles enhanced with a photo fetch 21 times more profile views and nine times more connection requests.
  • Members already occupying a designated position have 16 times more the chances of discovery in the searches by recruiters.
  • Members qualified with more than five skills have 27 times more the chances of discovery in the search procedure by recruiters.
  • Mentioning the city in which you are based right now makes your profile distinctive and increases the chances of the search by 23 times.