Pope Francis of Vatican City goes digital. No matter how astonishing it might sound, this is absolutely true. To be precise, The Vatican’s communications department has hired Accenture Interactive to be its global experience agency to develop a new unified communications system and this would be a part of Pope Francis’ reform of the institution.

Basically, Vatican is embracing digital transformation with Accenture. Rather, as a global experience agency, Accenture Interactive has defined with the job of chalking out a digital strategy for the Vatican, that would increase the consistency and clarity of its means of communications, and unify the current array of independent communication channels under a single new portal, i.e. the Vatican News.

Further objectives also include:

  • Designing of the Vatican News
  • Creation of one multi-language editorial team who would be able to work with a multimedia, multi-device, and multi-cultural approach.
  • A content strategy that allows for efficient content management and distribution.

Along with this, Accenture Interactive has also been tasked with designing new logos and other brand elements of the various Vatican communication channels like Vatican News, Vatican Media and Radio Vaticana Italiana, thus ensuring consistency between the new visual identity used for the portal and its social media properties.

To this, Alessandro Diana, head of Accenture Interactive Italy, regarded that, “We’re basically shaping and reshaping the way they are communicating. We’re creating a unifying message globally—one church, one pope and one message for the entire world”.

By opting for such a kind of Unified approach, the Ministry called the Secretariat for the Communication, is hoping to reach a wider pool of people online.

In a similar tone, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, prefect of the Secretariat for Communications, added that “We are launching the last part of the reform sought by Pope Francis. Each reform does not originate from a mistaken past but from a present that calls for a change: in this case, today’s cultural and digital convergence requires the adoption of production processes that are different from traditional ones. Today, in fact, information production and dissemination happen through agnostic software, in multiple media formats. The collaboration with Accenture Interactive, thanks to their solid global experience, has allowed us to develop an extensive strategy capable of uniting various working groups, the diversification of formats and the strengthening of brand identity — all while maximizing the value of our talented in-house professionals working in the Holy See media”.