WhatsApp has already announced about its way exploring in business. WhatsApp has started verifying business accounts and the participating business would get a green badge beside their contacts.

Apart, from the positive side of the update, there are lots of complaint regarding this version. Users will have a long- running dialogue with customer support that details everything that has been said. Purchasing items within the chat app and integrating AI (using Assistant to automatically detect airplane tickets – bought in WhatsApp – and placing a note on your calendar) would be genuinely useful.

This update raises two potential red flags. This suggests that business will be able to cold call WhatsApp users. The users would receive marketing messages directly to their phone and that also with a notification is considered as a nuisance. This is backed up by another statement from WhatsApp that explains it is possible to “Block” businesses from contracting the users.

There is another question regarding how will a business know to target for cold calling? WhatsApp messages are the end to end encrypted. The conversation only visible to whoever has the right key.

Whilst establishing a new communication line between user and business will bring some practical benefits, it does appear to mean WhatsApp users will be opening themselves up yet more marketing – but this time it comes with a notification