Nokia has again hit the headlines, but this time without declaring the launch of any new Android smartphone. Instead, this time the entire focus is on the revamped version of the very known Nokia’s classic 3310 candy bar phone updated with 3G, opening up for the use in several countries, including in the US.

The previous part of this year has witnessed HMD Global reviewing the phone with slightest updates. Come next month, and the phone is in for another tweak. Of course, this re-launch is welcomed with certain changes like the new model is ever-so-slightly taller, wider and thicker. A major change remains the estimated battery life which has drastically gone down from 22 hours of talk time on the 2G version to just 6.5 hours on the 3G version.

Now, this might be regarded as a disadvantage owing to the 3G radios which require much more power and the battery sizes remaining same. Also, a huge disparity is noticed in the pricing section where the latest version is priced at €69 (about $81 USD), which is a slight bump up from the original version, which sold for €49 (about $58 USD). But these things would hardly matter, if this purchase is being considered as a retro throwback, and that was definitely a key reason behind the making of this phone.

In all probability, there would be also new operating system backing the new 3G version of 3310, although nothing much of a difference can be made from the promo pictures. Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global’s chief product officer, says the OS has “some cool new features” but that anyone who’s tried the original version should “feel right at home.” It’s not clear what’s been added, but apparently, the move to 3G required the change.

This latest version ensures Tweeter and Facebook as additional features, along with talk and text. It also comes with a Customisable retro UI and for the ones who loved to play the legendary Snake game, it’s time to brush up your skills and this time it’s, even more, fun to play it on the color screen. Available in four vibrant colors, Azure, Yellow, Warm Red, and Charcoal, all with a sleek, silver-colored key-mat, the solid body coupled with a tactile matte finish assures quality with every touch and is expected to be available starting somewhere in the middle of the next month.

Now, a list of all the intricate details of all the features of this updated version of the classic phone.


  • Beautiful push buttons and iconic, shaped design
  • 2 MP camera with LED flash for simple snaps
  • Headphone jack for your tunes
  • 2.4” curved window with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight
  • Available in both single SIM and dual SIM variants


  • 3G connectivity for calling and texting
  • All-new customisable retro UI
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 for pairing with speakers and other phones
  • FM radio and MP3 player for music
  • 64 MB storage1 plus a MicroSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB.