To all the WhatsApp users out there, the above statement is absolutely true. As known already, Facebook-owned WhatsApp last month rolled out the much sought-after feature – “delete for everyone.” This particular feature allowed users to recall messages in case they have sent those to a wrong contact or a group which is quite a common mistake that many users have admitted making. A recently discovered loophole, however, can uncover those “deleted messages”.

Very recently, Spanish website androidjefe reported that those delete messages could be still retrieved back and accessed with the help of an application called “Notification History”. For this, users first need to update their WhatsApp app on the Android phone to the latest version. Then the Notification History app needs to be downloaded and users need to provide them with all the permissions it requires. Here, it needs to be noted that the app will need access to all the notifications of the user in order to work. Then the Advanced History option within the app needs to be enabled.

This Notification History application, as the name suggests, is a dashboard for all notifications that come to the phone. While a “deleted message” has actually been removed from WhatsApp chat thread, the message, in the form of a notification would be still available in the Notification History.

Image Credit: Hindustan Times

So, to conclude the app does not show only the preview but the entire message. The website further reported that the Notification History application has a character-count limit, but was able to successfully access long text messages with more than 100 characters.

But the point of concern for many over here is that Notification History also notifies a receiver when a sender has deleted the message. This essentially means one can know precise time when a message was revoked and what the deleted message contained.