This time, the trending news is for all the Android users! WhatsApp has finally introduced the Picture-in-Picture feature for Android users in India. This feature has been in testing mode for Android since October and until now, it was in the beta stage. The Picture-in-Picture feature on WhatsApp was till now, only available for the iPhone users since the beginning of this year.

This feature would make multitasking easier with smartphone as the WhatsApp PiP feature allows the users to message other users while watching YouTube videos and using other apps in the phone. Until now, a user could not message on WhatsApp and watch YouTube at the same time but now, PiP would help the users to operate multiple features on the single screen at the same time.


The PiP feature which was only available for Android users in beta has now been rolled out to all Android users via the WhatsApp version 2.18.380. With the help of this feature, a user would be able to watch YouTube videos or scroll through Facebook and other apps in a small window that would appear in a corner of the phone’s screen keeping the WhatsApp chat at the background. As per the convenience, the user would be able to adjust the placement of the small window on the screen.

To get this feature on the smartphone, the Android users would have to update their WhatsApp to the latest version via Google Play store. Then, users would automatically enjoy the feature after updating the app.